Overview EatStreet API gives users the ability to discover local restaurants, build and place orders for takeout and delivery, and manage user accounts.
Menu API
Information and menu data for local restaurants.
Order API
Placement and tracking of orders.
User API
Creation and management of EatStreet user accounts to save credit cards, addresses, and other preferences.
We're striving to provide the best food ordering API, and would love to hear from you! For issues or feature requests, please contact apisupport@eatstreet.com.
Technical Details
EatStreet API is a suite of stateless JSON endpoints, requested over HTTPS. The production API is simply hosted on https://eatstreet.com under the /publicapi/v1 path.
Every request to EatStreet API must be authenticated with an access token. New developers should go here to receive an access token.
Authentication Option: HTTP Request Header
Include the following request header: X-Access-Token: {access token}.
Authentication Option: Query Parameter
Include the following URL query parameter: access-token={access token}.
Rate Limits
The Menu API has a default rate limit of ten requests per second. Please contact apisupport@eatstreet.com to adjust this rate limit.
To test sending orders with credit card payment, use the /search-test endpoint to find a test restaurant. Test orders can be sent to this restaurant as normal, and payment will not be processed if the test field is set to true.